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Some Great Reasons to Commute by Bike

I started commuting by bike to save a little money, and accidentally transformed my life. For starters I saved a TON of money. After reading and researching a litte further I realized how silly it is to drive an inefficient, heavy, and expensive car around all the time. When I did the math and realized that 20% of my income was going to support my vehicle I almost puked. Imagine the vacations I could have been taking! I set out to prove to myself and the world that I could live and work and function just fine without a car and I found it was ridiculously easy and very rewarding. Some of my favorite reasons why you might want to bike to work and the grocery store:

  • It’s not (all) about the environment, it’s about maximizing your time and money.
  • Biking is at least as safe as driving a car. Read the stats. More
  • Cars aren’t as fast as you think. Sometimes bikes are faster. More
  • Save tons of money. I’ve saved $570 per month and I’m an average guy. More
  • Cars ruin the things we love, and it’s not just the pollution. More
  • Here's the shocker: You can survive (even thrive) without a car!

Update, May 15, 2009

Last week marked the 2-year anniversary of when I sold my car. Been doing fine, rain or shine! The quick math says that I have saved $13,360 in those years. My out-of-pocket expenses were about $570 per month - pretty typical with a car payment, gas, insurance, upkeep, etc. Add up your own cost of driving.

Year-round bike commuting, no problem!

Snow Riding Yeah, that's me, Dave. Photo by Geoff Smith

Maybe bike commuting isn't for you. That's OK too.

With JUST a bike:

  • Get to and from work every day
  • Ride in any kind of weather
  • Pickup groceries
  • Go out to happy hour
  • Go to business meetings
  • Run all kinds of errands

Get a cheap, used car for:

  • Driving to the mountains
  • Visiting relatives out of town
  • Bringing home new furniture
  • Loading up the kids after a game
  • Taking the St. Bernard to the vet

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