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The Door Zone

Doorings accounted for 30% of all car-bike collisions or collision avoidances leading to injury - perhaps more, because some of the collision avoidances may have been dooring avoidances. 2002 study of Boston-area bicycle couriers by Jack T. Dennerlein and John D. Meeker of the Harvard School of Public Health [American Journal of Industrial Medicine 42:519-525 (2002)]


Center for Disease Control, 2005. More


60% of bike collisions in Florida are caused by cyclists riding at night without lights. In 1999, 39% of deaths on bicycles nationwide occurred between 6 p.m. and midnight. [USA Today, 10-22-01, attributed to the Insurance Institute for highway safety] - Bruce Mackey, head of bike safety, Nevada

Better Biking

Electric Bikes

Electric Bike

Electric bikes have come a long way! Get to work without sweat! 30-miles plus range, etc.

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